Database Updates January 28th 2019

There are a few more updates to the Database website this week. We have adjusted the Sequencing sheet to allow for the naming of multiple cells quickly. To do so simply fill out the form on the right side of the screen with your file information, then click on a cell to “Reserve” it, and finally click save and that cell will have your file name saved to it. For multiple cells that are for the same experiment then just click the new cell and hit save again, no need to fill out the form again unless you are changing file information like target, modification round, etc,.

New Sequencing Sheet Interface

There is also a new feature available where you can download a CSV file of the current sequencing sheet. hit the “Download Sheet” button on the right side of the screen (below the file naming form) and it will download the CSV for you.

Sequencing Sheet CSV

More new updates are new file filtering options, to access these functions click on the “Show/Hide” button on the top menu bar, this will give you a dropdown menu of different modifiers you can select when you are viewing files (singular and combined). The current modifiers are as follows

  • Peptide – Show or Hide Peptides within the file
  • Nucleotide – Show or Hide Nucleotide within the file
  • Modification – Show or Hide Modifiers within the file
  • Filter – Turns On or Off filtering the file by the expected peptide sequence eg., SxC6C.
  • Normalized – Turns On or Off normalizing the counts within the file
File View Modifier Dropdown

These are all the important updates from the past week. Stay tuned for more to come.