Database Updates February 5th 2019

Releasing later today will be a few minor fixes to the sequencing sheet, based on some feedback there is now an option to add comments to your selected sequencing cell. This is to help you remember what you are using the cell for.

You can also now type or paste the name you wish for your file into the Filename section. If copying from the Sequencing spreadsheet please note that your file name may change slightly. The web sequencing system calculates its replicates on its own, so any data regarding replicates will be lost if you copy the file name in, also if you use more than one User code then it will use the user code you currently have selected in the “Select User” drop down.

If you are pasting or have typed the name of your file into the Filename field you can currently save the file without adding any comments. However we advise that you add the comments anyway.