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Current services that specialize in discovery of macrocycles and peptide-derived structures mandate long-term contracts and high-priced services. At 48Hour Discovery, we combine: i) the synthesis of new genetically encoded chemical entities, ii) patented technologies for genetic encoding of these structures and iii) bioinformatics expertise for rapid mining of these libraries. Genetic encoding permits us to barcode and thereby identify each unique value-added chemical modification on the peptide derived molecules. Ultimately, from a library of >109 unique and diverse molecules we identify the top 50 hits and provide estimates of the binding affinity of each hit for your target. 48HourDiscovery operates in a chemical space of medium size (300–2000 Da) molecules that occupy a “sweet spot” in protein-ligand recognition that is hard to access by canonical small molecule drugs and biological (antibody-based) therapeutics.

Rapid, Royalty-Free Ligand Discovery for Any Target

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