Pioneering Peptide Discovery for a Healthy World

48Hour Discovery is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of peptide discovery, forging strategic collaborations, and harnessing cutting-edge technology to rapidly advance new drug leads to address unmet medical needs.

With our innovative approach, deep expertise, and commitment to collaboration, we empower our clients to accelerate their drug discovery programs and realize the promise of precision medicine.

Drug discovery is a complex process that can cost billions of dollars but there are innovations at every step of the process that make this process more streamlined and lower its cost

Ratmir Derda – CSO & Founder
48Hour Discovery

48Hour Discovery

Unlocking Potential with Advanced Peptide Discovery Technology

At 48Hour Discovery, we harness the power of chemically modified phage display technology. We offer a highly customizable approach to drug discovery in diverse indications, and provide the rapid advancement of leads with high affinity and specificity.

With a vast diversity of phage libraries, industry leading bioinformatics, and advanced screening methods 48Hour Discovery is an ideal partner to unlock the potential of your peptide discovery campaign. 

From Inception to Optimization

Offering Comprehensive Discovery Services

As a comprehensive discovery partner, we can take projects from inception through synthesis, validation, and optimization. Our expertise extends to a wide range of targets, encompassing both protein and cell based screening. 

From emerging startups to industry-leading global pharmaceutical entities, our partners trust 48Hour Discovery to accelerate their journeys in peptide drug discovery.


Put a face to our executive leadership team

Rick Finnegan


Ratmir Derda

Founder and CSO

Jessica (Yun) Cao

Vp of Data Science and Information Technology

David Alton

VP of FInance and Business Development

Martin Truksa

VP of Research and Development

Zoe O'Gara

Director of Discovery

Adam Brown

VP of Marketing

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