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48HD uses genetically encoded phage displayed peptide and peptide derived libraries to discover target ligands. With over one billion medium sized peptides (200-3000 Dalton), the library ensures a “sweet spot” in protein-ligand recognition, unlike small molecule and antibody-based therapeutics. Four in-house encoded, proprietary libraries are currently available for screening services.

Search Billions of Peptides

We accelerate discovery to find new and better drugs. Our patented technology, which combines phage display and next generation sequencing, can screen billions of unique peptides within weeks.

Reduce Lead Time

48 Hour Discovery has a powerful new technology platform for peptide-based drug discovery. Our technology can discover drug leads in days rather than months.

Streamline your R&D

Our unique platform enables the rapid identification of both standard and macrocyclic peptides, which exhibit excellent potency, selectivity, and GI stability for oral delivery.

Drug discovery is a complex process that can cost billions of dollars but there are innovations at every step of the process that make this process more streamlined and thereby lower its cost

Ratmir Derda – CEO 48Hour Discovery

48Hour Discovery

Using innovative technology to find entirely unique solutions

With 48Hour Discovery’s technology—part chemistry, part artificial intelligence—potential drug targets are retrieved using the interaction between target proteins from, for instance, a cancer cell and a molecule library in a test tube.

We use phage display and high throughput next-generation sequencing to identify peptide ligands with high affinity for promising drug targets from billion-scale libraries of molecules.


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Single Round ScreeninG

Single-round screening is applied when protein targets have defined binding sites e.g. antibodies. The outcome of such screening are linear epitope mapping or immunoprofiling. We recommend clients use our in-house linear or cyclic libraries

Single Round Screening
Multi-Round Screening

Multi-round screening is used to probe protein-protein interactions, or when targets are more complex, e.g. with shallow binding sites, or targets that form complex. In this case, we recommend clients using our cyclic, bicyclic, or GE-FBD/customized libraries.

Cloud Database

We operate a proprietary cloud database service to store all results. This service enables access to results from anywhere in the world, with any device. In addition, search data that some academic partners have made public is available.


Put a face to our executive leadership members

Ratmir Derda

Founder & CEO

Zoe O'Gara

Director of Discovery

Jessica (Yun) Cao

VP of Data Science and Information Technology

David Alton

VP of Finance & Business Development

Martin Truksa

VP of Research and Development

Adam Brown



Speeding up drug discovery – Glyconet & 48Hour Discovery

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48HD is profiled as a top glycomics company in a new Glyconet report.

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48Hour Discovery and Fusion Pharmaceuticals to Develop Radiopharmaceuticals for the Treatment of Cancer Tumours

48Hour Discovery and Fusion Pharmaceuticals to Develop Radiopharmaceuticals for the Treatment of Cancer Tumours

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