48Hour Discovery Receives Funding from Industry r&D Associates Program

Edmonton – 48Hour Discovery INC. announced today that it has signed an Industry r&D Associates Investment Agreement with Alberta Innovates. The investment directly supports 48Hour Discovery for a two-year project, focusing on commercializing products and services in molecular discovery.

Within the framework of the agreement, billions of small molecules will be screened and developed to fully validate the screening service. Beyond screening, 48Hour Discovery is also developing a centralized database to help customers understand the properties of their ligands. Ms. Ali Chou was awarded as the r&D associate of this program under the agreement. She will be working on this project with full support from the R&D team. To know more about 48Hour Discovery’s core service, go to our services overview.

Alberta Innovates selects companies with potential to significantly advance knowledge and innovation, and to enhance Alberta’s economy in the global market. With 90 years of legacy, the Alberta Innovates System is the largest research and innovation agency in Alberta and one of the most enabling corporations that advocates economic diversification, enhanced environmental performance and social well-being for the Albertans.

For more information about Alberta Innovates, click here.

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