48Hour Discovery proud to sponsor the Canadian Glycomics Symposium 2018

EDMONTON (April 17 2018)–48Hour Discovery Inc. (48HD) is pleased to announce a sponsorship with the Canadian Glycomics Network (GlycoNet) to support the Canadian Glycomics Symposium 2018. The Symposium affords an exciting opportunity to glimpse the frontiers of knowledge in the emerging field of glycomics.

This annual Symposium welcomes more than 200 researchers, trainees, and stakeholders in the fields of glycomics, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. The Symposium will feature presentations from notable national and international experts in carbohydrate science, as well as an open forum for young scientists to highlight their research. “We are thrilled to be a sponsor for the Symposium this year,” says Operations Manager Samantha Kwok, “We look forward to making our molecular discovery services available to all principal investigators present at the Canadian Glycomics Symposium 2018.”

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