48Hour Discovery announces the appointment of David Alton as Director of Business Development

EDMONTON, ALBERTA (March 11, 2019) – 48Hour Discovery Inc. announced the appointment of David Alton as the Director of Business Development, effective March 11, 2019. Alton will bring extensive experience in leadership to the management team, strengthen the Company’s business infrastructure and develop new investment opportunities.

“We are excited to have David join our team as the Director of Business Development,” says Samantha Kwok, Operations Manager of 48Hour Discovery. “David brings valuable insight in building a company and managing the pitfalls of growth.”

Alton has over 10 years of experience in the biotechnology sector, predominantly in marketing and financing. Most recently, he was the Chief Operating Officer at Aquila Diagnostic Systems, a technology-focused company for point-of-care diagnostic tests. Alton’s prior roles include Director of Business Development for the Alberta Cancer Diagnostic Consortium, where he helped raise $2.5 million investment for its operations. Before that, Alton was Director of Planning for the National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT)—a $52.5 million, 20,000 m2 facility at the University of Alberta campus. The facility is a collaborative initiative between the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), the University of Alberta, and the Government of Alberta to support the commercialization of Canadian nano technologies. Alton began his professional career in the Federal Government, where he spent 12 years ending as a senior manager specializing in industrial assistance programs. He is the co- founder of five technology companies and has worked as a management consultant for both the public and private sectors. Alton holds an MBA from the University of Alberta.

“48Hour Discovery’s platform brings in more than just chemistry,” says Alton. “It’s a new tool set that packages chemistry, molecular biology, machine learning, software development, and cloud computing. With all these elements combined and backed up by at least two patents, 48Hour Discovery creates a very unique product. We are offering a product for drug development that no one else can.”

About 48Hour Discovery
Founded in 2017, 48Hour Discovery Inc. aims to facilitate new drug discovery in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with our advanced platform based on patented barcoded libraries, stream-lined workflow and open-access data management. The 48Hour Discovery Cloud houses a database of user curated content of >10,000 screens and provides easy-to-use search functions, data visualization and analysis. We are committed to building new technologies that make ligand discovery faster, easier, and more transparent.  

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