48Hour Discovery names industry veteran John Dwyer as their new Vice President of Research

EDMONTON, ALBERTA (April 15, 2019) – 48Hour Discovery INC., a biotechnology company focused on the discovery of peptide-derived small molecule therapeutics, is pleased to welcome Dr. John Dwyer as its new Vice President of Research. This is a key step in the Canadian company’s efforts to drive growth and expand its R&D department.

Dwyer brings over 20 years of expertise from the pharmaceutical industry. He was most recently the Director of Protein Engineering at Ferring Pharmaceuticals at their US headquarters. He and his team were responsible for early drug discovery projects focused in oncology and endocrinology, and Dwyer was directly involved in the development of a range of therapeutics starting from initial discovery to Phase I clinical trials. Prior to that, Dwyer held leadership roles at Genentech, MedImmune, Trimeris, and Pfizer, and was responsible for the integration of molecular discovery platforms into the R&D pipeline and for identifying novel technologies that could enable faster and more efficient drug discovery. Dwyer earned his PhD in biophysics from Johns Hopkins University and conducted post-doctoral research at Genentech under the supervision of Tony Kossiakoff and Jim Wells, both of whom are industry leaders in protein engineering and drug discovery.

“I am excited to welcome John as the new Vice President of Research,” says Dr. Ratmir Derda, CEO of 48Hour Discovery. “John is a pioneer of post-translational modification in phage display in the early 2000s. His strong track record and experience from some of the world’s best startups and large pharma [companies] over the past 15 years will bring new business opportunities and R&D excellence to 48Hour Discovery.”

About 48Hour Discovery
Founded in 2017, 48Hour Discovery Inc. aims to facilitate new drug discovery in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with our advanced platform based on patented barcoded libraries, stream-lined workflow and open-access data management. The 48Hour Discovery Cloud houses a database of user curated content of >10,000 screens and provides easy-to-use search functions, data visualization and analysis. We are committed to building new technologies that make ligand discovery faster, easier, and more transparent.  

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