48Hour Discovery Strengthens Leadership and Scientific Expertise with Three Key Appointments

Leading peptide discovery company bolsters expertise in radiopharmaceuticals, peptide discovery, and corporate governance

Pictured left to right: Dr. Tomi Sawyer, Dr. Frank Wuest, Gordon Sustrik

[Edmonton, Alberta] Sept 13, 2023 – In a strategic move to enhance its technical capabilities and corporate leadership, 48Hour Discovery Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Frank Wuest to its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), as well as Dr. Tomi Sawyer (ex-Merck) and Gordon Sustrik to its Board of Directors. The Edmonton based company made these appointments earlier this year as the company executes on their strategy to expand further into the peptide discovery market.

Dr. Wuest is a highly respected radiopharmaceutical expert with extensive experience in the development and translation of radiopharmaceuticals from preclinical to clinical studies. He is a Professor and the Chair of the Department of Oncology in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta, and is a recognized leader in radiopharmaceuticals and imaging biomarkers for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases. Dr. Wuest’s knowledge and experience in radiopharmaceuticals expands 48Hour Discovery’s capacity surrounding the growing interest in peptides as a modality for the delivery of targeted radiopharmaceuticals.

Dr. Sawyer, a widely recognized peptide discovery expert, has transitioned to the Board of Directors after serving on 48Hour Discovery’s SAB since September of 2021. The former president of the American Peptide Society, Dr. Sawyer is an accomplished drug hunter with a track record in both peptide and small molecules. His pharma/biotech career includes being Distinguished Scientist (Merck), CSO (Aileron), SVP (Ariad), and Sr. Director (Pfizer). Dr. Sawyer’s expertise in peptide drug discovery will continue to play a pivotal role in guiding 48Hour Discovery’s strategic direction at a corporate and technical level.

Gordon Sustrik, an accomplished corporate lawyer with a history of commercialization of technology in the life sciences sector, has also recently joined the Board of Directors. His experience includes acting for the Alberta Cancer Board, as well as drafting, reviewing and negotiating clinical trial management agreements with CROs, institutions, and hospitals for many companies. His experience in corporate law and commercialization of life science technology aligns with 48Hour Discovery’s commitment to strengthening their corporate governance and expanding their commercial portfolio. 

The appointments reflect 48Hour Discovery’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of peptide discovery innovation in the biotechnology sector, as well as enhancing the company’s capacity in radiopharmaceuticals, peptide drug discovery, and corporate oversight. 

“We are delighted to welcome Frank, Tomi, and Gordon to our leadership teams,” said 48Hour Discovery CEO and Founder Dr. Ratmir Derda. “Their diverse expertise will be instrumental in driving our company’s growth and success. We look forward to their contributions as we continue to advance our mission of revolutionizing peptide discovery and radiopharmaceutical development.”

About 48Hour Discovery

48Hour Discovery is a company with a dynamic peptide discovery platform that has revolutionized peptide discovery through its highly customizable approach to chemically modified phage display. Leveraging their cutting-edge technologies, the platform accelerates the identification and optimization of peptides with therapeutic potential, offering a novel pathway to addressing unmet medical needs. Established in 2017, the company has validated its technology platform securing partnerships  with over 20 companies including global pharma and leaders in the radiopharmaceutical industry. For more information, visit www.48hourdiscovery.com 

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